Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | October 9, 2011

A Whirlwind Alberta Adventure: Day Three

I’m thinking this is going to be a shorter entry, in part because my whole day basically revolved around the wedding, in part because I’m already pushing the checkout time at the hotel.  I’ve been staying at the Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe, which I may have mentioned, and I just wanted to point out it is rather nice.  In addition to a sleep mask, ear plugs and linen spray when you check in, it’s rather quiet.  I don’t usually use hotel shampoo and conditioner (thought I usually take it every day since I paid for it, then donate it to the women’s shelter) so I can’t comment on the quality, but the soap was nice!

The bride and I pose together.

I got up yesterday morning and made in-room coffee, then put on a yoga sweats and a zip up top to go down to breakfast.  I ate at the cafe here in the hotel, the breakfast buffet.  It was more for convenience’s sake; hotel restaurants always cost more, I’ve found.  Anyway, the food was very good and I was running on a schedule, so it worked out (today as well).  Then I ran a couple of blocks to the mall so I could pop into Shoppers and pick up a few things I forgot to pack (like hairspray!) and then ran back to start on my hair.  I’d decided to go with long and curly, which given my hair length and thickness takes a really, really long time.  There’s a reason I only do as much for special occasions.  So with brief interruption by housekeeping (who I asked to come back later – take note, it’s here for a reason!) I got started on the two hour task of getting ready for the wedding. I had picked out the whole ensemble ages ago with consultation from my BFF. Pretty much everything came from my favourite store  (ModCloth), and to be honest, when I got the Bride’s invite, I was not only super excited for her, but for the chance to buy this gorgeous red “Stop Staring” dress I’d been eyeing.  I paired it with seamed stockings (I’d always wanted some) and a cute mini top hat fascinator complete with veil (I’ve worn hats to three weddings this year because I’d wanted to ever since I lived in Scotland a year and even though I do not have royal fever, I have to say the UK has it right when it comes to hats).  I threw on my Betsy Johnson heels my BFF insisted on (we have a matching pair) then took off for the church as fast I as could go in four inch heels.  It’s not very fast, in case you were wondering.  I got a great aisle seat by luck, which was where Bride came in, so I got a fairly good view even though I was in the back.  The cutest moment was when Bride’s nieces came up as flower girls and the littlest (probably three years old at the absolute most) started to try to pick up the petals that other two had scattered (“Hey, you dropped it!”).  Adorable.

The bride's tables!

The wedding was beautiful and the Minister was delightful – just the right amount of humour and very genuine.  We did a photo on the stairs, then I went back to my room for the forty-five minutes between wedding and the bus to the reception.  As I came back into my room, housekeeping was just starting. The woman asked to see my card, and I thought nothing of it (procedure). She told me (as I changed into a slightly lower heel and put my hat away for the reception) that the reason she asked to see the key card was that I looked beautiful – so much, in fact that she didn’t recognize me.  I clean up pretty nice when I’m not in sweats with my hair in clips and no make up!

After some quiet time, I went to get the bus. It was about an hour’s ride, including stop at the second hotel. Bride and Groom had got beer and coolers for the bus, so I had a wine cooler while we rode.  Just one, though – I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and also didn’t want to use the little bathroom on the bus if I didn’t have to.  Unfortunately, that part of the plan failed.  I had  a lovely chat with one of Groom’s aunts, though.  At the reception, I was seated with a few of Bride’s sorority sisters from the latter part of her first degree (she and I went to the same school for a couple of years, then she transferred).  I had a good time, and they were lovely, but it was a little awkward given I knew exactly four people at the wedding – the bride, the groom, and the bride’s parents (whom I’d met maybe twice).  The reception was held at a golf club, and the place was GORGEOUS. The food was also divine – the caterer outdid themselves. I had the vegetarian option after my salad – phyllo stuffed with portobello.  I danced a bit, though I’m not a great dancer, and I had fun (I really liked their DJ).  There were also some really great dancers and even though it was an open bar (I guess I didn’t need to get cash out!) I don’t drink enough to not feel awkward dancing mostly by myself.  And watching people was mostly pretty awesome. Now, I did have to that I had wanted to write a line in here that at least at this wedding, unlike the last wedding I was at, no one took their pants off.  Alas, I cannot, at least not with any truth to it.  “I’m Too Sexy” came on and a groomsman took danced in his underwear. At least at this wedding, no one took their pants off while children were present.  I also smoked a cigar with Groom’s relatives on the balcony, because that’s how I roll at weddings.

I took the late bus back to the hotel; it was the end of the reception, so I got to spend a little more time with Bride (that didn’t involve dancing!).  I had stopped drinking a while before (I don’t do hangovers, especially not when I’m dining at my grandparents) so I was the most sober one on the bus. It was kind of hilarious between the bus driver letting one of the guys have the mike (at least for half of the ride until I think he got annoyed) and the playing and singing of inappropriate songs.  I think the bus driver didn’t know what he was doing, though, because the ride took an hour and a half.  I was very, very tired when I got in at about 2:30, which is about 2 hours later than I probably should have been awake.  I am now running on coffee and six hours sleep (and even skipped the contacts today because I wore them too long yesterday), but all in all I’m glad I got to be here for Bride.  Even though we never ran in the same circles (we had our own groups of friends in college), we’ve kept up a friendship that I really value, and in a wedding that was mainly family and friends from her “now” life, I can feel really good about her wanting me to share in her day.  She told me as much, and even her mom mentioned a few times how excited Bride was that I was able to make it.  So even if I had to be a little more extroverted than I am used to, I am really glad I came.

But now I must sign off and make my way to check out.  Stay tuned for Thanksgiving fun!

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