Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | October 7, 2011

A Whirlwind Alberta Adventure – Day One

Well,I’m back on the road again, this time on one of my old standards. I went to school in Alberta, I have family and friends in Alberta, and Edmonton is the closest “out point” so I make my way through at least a couple of times a year. This time, it’s the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada, and I have extended it to fit more fun in.

I flew out yesterday afternoon (late enough I used my morning off work to pack).I have mentioned in earlier posts that I’m from Northern Canada. For anyone stumbling onto this blog, you may have heard that in recent weeks, the North has suffered three plane crashes with resulting fatalities. I wanted to take a few lines to address these, because when strangers at the breakfast Bistro ask how you can fly after everything, it bears covering.  Was I afraid to fly?  No.  A little nervous, yes, but I am ALWAYS a bit nervous to fly.  But even though it was foggy, I was really more nervous about whether my baggage would arrive (I bought a dress specifically for the wedding I am attending on Saturday and its potential non-arrival would have been brutal). The recent tragedies are not going to diminish my trust in the aviation industry – planes go up and down without incident every day, and I know our Northern pilots are among the best. I am more likely to get in a terrible, terrible accident in my rental car on my way to West Edmonton Mall this morning than I would be to get into a plane crash.  These crashes have been devastating and tragic, and my heart goes out to all affected, but. they are nowhere near normal, and I would get in those small planes again.

Back to the task at hand, though. I arrived in Edmonton, and after a long wait for my bags, went to pick up my rental car.  They gave me a yellow Fiat.  I like tiny cars, because they are easy to park, but seriously, I had to fold down the seat to fit my suitcase in the trunk (which I hope doesn’t make it a tempting steal at West Ed because I’m checking into a hotel for the wedding). The seat levers are weird (you adjust on the right side). Also, it is yellow.  I am not fond of yellow, and less so in cars then anywhere else.  At least I can nickname it the bumblebee.  It is about as small.  But it drives well and its speedometer is in the regular place, unlike the Yaris which I’ve ended up with on occasion.

If you recall my last entry set, my friend J came up with her mom and the Bug, and I’d mentioned I often stay with J and her husband.  This time is no exception.  My evening consisted of a nice visit and lots of cuddles from the Bug.  He’s grown a little since I saw him, and he’s a very cute little Grasshopper in his jolly jumper.  He was a bit cranky, and has been lately.  J thinks he might be teething.  Nothing through yet.  That was pretty much the extent of my evening – it doesn’t make for a very exciting blog entry, but it certainly does fine for a way to spend an evening!  Today, I’m hitting the mall to shop, but also to see the eye doctor.  I need to update my prescription on my contacts and I need new glasses badly – they are two prescriptions and several hair colours behind.  I am not sure how the evening will be spent – I’ll see once I get to the hotel whether I’m up for coming back to the south end for a party.  It will depend on if I can snag a ride or feel like springing for a cab.  I hate driving in the city (Yellowknife doesn’t really have traffic) and I certainly am not about to try on a Friday night.  But for now I should get dress, get coffee, and check to make sure I didn’t leave the lights on on my rental and drain the battery, because that’s my latest paranoid thought. Until tomorrow!

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