Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 13, 2011

There’s No Place Like Home: Playing Tourist in My Own Town # 3

I’m a glass and a half of Prosecco in, so I figured I’d better get started on this entry while I still make some sort of sense, especially since it’s been a strenuous day.

When I woke up this morning, the sun was shining in the sky and it was looking like we’d have a nice, rain-free day.  The perfect day to make our way to Cameron Falls if J and B were up to it.  So I drove to mom and dad’s for a late breakfast, and sure enough we decided we were going to give it a try. So we ate some bagels and drank some coffee, then back up lunch and our backpacks into the car, and off we went.

The drive out is always longer than I think it is going to be, particularly since I didn’t count on getting stuck behind a slow driver for quite a ways.  I got point out the many, many lakes in the vicinity of Yellowknife, down the Ingraham Trail.  These include (but might not be limited to and not necessarily in order on the road) Vee Lake, Prosperous Lake, Prelude Lake, Madeleine Lake, and Hidden Lake.  We also passed the Giant Mine site, an old gold mine site.  The owners went bankrupt and so the clean up of the site, including dealing with the 237,300 tonnes of arsenic trioxide, in on the Canadian taxpayers.  The clean up plan is currently under environmental review.  Google the Giant Mine Project Office if you want more details, because I’ve diverged long enough.

J, B, and the Bug in front of Cameron Falls.

We made it out to the start of the hike, and after a quick feed of the bug in the car, we hit the trail.  Now, as I believe I mentioned before, B is waiting on a hip replacement.  The hike is not too arduous – some stairs and boardwalk have been put in the rougher areas – but it was still a slower walk up than it might have been otherwise.  There are some steeper places, and those were hard on B’s hip. Still, we made it to the top even carting backpacks and a baby, and I like to think the view is worth it.  We ate lunch together, then I wandered out a bit onto the other side of the falls while J and B rested.  The way back down was a little easier, as was the drive back.  I wasn’t stuck behind anyone, so we made good time – time enough for a stop at my apartment for tea and the bug’s next feeding.

We next tried to find where one of the art galleries had moved to; however, while we found the new building, it didn’t seem to be up and running and I have no idea when it will be.  We tried another gallery later, but it was closed for most of August.  That’s something that really annoys me about Yellowknife some time: the town isn’t really all that great for keeping hours and dates that cater to tourists.  We did end up going to another art gallery so that B could get some Northern art.

We went out for dinner at Fuego, one of my favourite restaurants in town.  B had a Penne Carbonara with a skewer of shrimp, while J and I had chicken stuffed with mint cream cheese and glazed in a cranberry confit.  Our side was sweet potato fries. I really love the sweet potato fries at Fuego. They are just the right amount of crispy, and the balsamic reduction is fantastic.  After dinner, we went home for Prosecco and television.  We’re pretty beat.  Tomorrow, everyone goes home, so we’re going out to breakfast.  I’m taking them to the Gold Range Bistro. It’s not the famous Gold Range Bar (not really our style), but I love the little diner nearby.  It’s a greasy spoon kind of place, but the best kind.  The coffee’s good, the waitress calls you hon, and the food is good and not too expensive.  Will probably make for a short entry, but hopefully a good one!

Until next time!

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