Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 12, 2011

There’s No Place Like Home: Playing Tourist in My Own Town # 2

I love my town, but I have to admit playing tourist in it can be a bit difficult, especially when I’m trying to a) not bore my guests and b) do enough to have enough to write about in a journal later on.  What makes it more difficult?  When it rains and you end up doing a bunch of indoor activities.  Less fun than taking advantage of some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.  Yes, I am biased.

Me with J and the Bug at the Legislative Assembly

Don’t get me wrong, I love indoor activities.  I am very big on reading quietly and watching movies, but J and her mom did not travel all the way up here to do things they could do at home.  And I was hopeful, because the forecast earlier this week said sun, but as is my usual luck, the forecast was dead wrong.  So while my brother was looking to see if he could borrow a teeny lifejacket for the bug (who is only 12.7 pounds) so he could take us out on Great Slave, a boating adventure was not to be, as by mid-morning it was windy and dark clouds were rolling in.

Also difficult?  Navigating around a baby’s feeding schedule!  The little guy eats just about everything three hours or so.  So after some coffee and pancakes for a late morning breakfast, we waited out the feeding and then the napping, before going to the Legislative Assembly for the 1:30 tour. It was nice to go through again, since it had been some time since I’d taken the tour.  Not since I was a page in the 8th grade, back in 1995.  We got to check out both the public and the private chambers, and check out a lot of the Northern art.  Not to mention chat about our unique governing system: the NWT does not have parties, but is a concensus government.  There are no political parties, and the opposition always outnumbers cabinet, so government cannot simply push bills through.  I toted

Looking down at the Chamber in the Legislative Assembly

the bug around for most of it, so my arm muscles got a good work out and we didn’t have to worry on wheeling the stroller around.

Next we hit the Prince of Wales Heritage Centre, at 3ish.  We went almost straight into the museum cafe because the bug was hungry and therefore fussy. So we have coffee and delicious cake (Wally, the chef, is a pastry genius).  I had carrot cake, while J and B had a chocolate hazelnut cake.  Very delicious.  We checked out the exhibits next, though some were still under construction.  We did check out the aviation and some of the photos, as well as the artist in resident’s display, a  quilting exhibit called “Through Her Eyes”.  I’d actually gotten to check this out earlier – the artist is a family friend, so I was at the opening!  Quilters have such patience.

It was pouring buckets by 4:30 when we were ready to go, so we simply went home to visit and make dinner.  It had cleared out by the evening, and we had a late dinner, and then B and I played cribbage for a while.  (I lost.) Tomorrow I’m hoping it is nice – a trip to Yellowknife in the summer just isn’t complete without seeing Cameron Falls, so I’m hoping the weather works out!

Until tomorrow!  Wish me shine and not rain!

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