Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 6, 2011

Baby, Let’s Cruise Away From Here: Journal Entry # 8

No towel animals any more. 😦

Well, our cruisin’ on the sea has ended, but the adventure, not yet.  DW and I disembarked our ship at about 8:30 this morning.  We were in the first group to leave, and I can’t imagine if we’d been in the later group, because the crowd was insane.  I felt less clausterphobic in the narrows of the cave in Belize.

The view from near our hotel.

Once we’d unloaded and gone through customs, we took a shuttle to the airport so we could pick up our rental car.  Poor DW got stuck in front of the only two kids on the entire bus, and the one kid’s mom thought it prudent to tell him to stop kicking her chair at the very end of the ride.  I can’t wait until I’m eighty and can yell at strangers’ kids when they are being jerks.

Anyway, we made it to the rental place more or less unscathed, where we picked up our cute red Matrix and GPS (I named her George) and, with only a few minor glitches, we made it to our hotel in Orlando.  DW was a rockstar – I have no interest in ever trying to drive the interstate.

Once we’d dropped our bags off at the hotel, we headed out again toward a mall.  We stopped at an IHOP for lunch (pancakes, yum!) because I wanted to go and DW had never been.*  Then we made our way to the mall.  Most of the stores we found out of our price range, like Bloomingdale’s and Neimann Marcus (and DW wanted to go into a store called “A Pea in the Pod” until I pointed out it was a maternity store), but we did both find shoes at Macy’s.  So I have my pair of souvenir shoes!

After that it was back to our hotel where we swam in the pool. DW didn’t care for the cool water so got out to sit in the sun, while I stuck in the cool water on the shady side, a balm to my still red skin, before I went in to get dressed and stay out of the sun.

We went to a place called T.G.I. Friday’s for dinner. While the menu was pretty great for me, there was not a single meal on the menu that was vegetarian for DW.  Fortunately, they were really great about it; our waiter, Gio, made some suggestions of dishes that could be altered and veggies substituted for meat.  I had a glass of wine with dinner, and combined with my lack of land legs and not quite enough water, I got a little wobbly.  DW just pointed out that I walked off the sidewalk and into the ditch not once, but twice.  Good thing there was no sea to fall into anymore!

We’ve had a quiet evening so far; checked our email, watched TV for the first time in seven days.  We watched Secret Millionaire (maybe I cried and maybe DW cried) and we’re now watching the last of Celebrity Apprentice.  But soon we’ll head to bed because tomorrow is a big day!

Tomorrow’s adventure:  Harry Potter World!!!!!  Notable (temporary) resident of Orlando: DW, the highway superstar!  Drink of the day: Butterbeer!

*Also because I didn’t think there were any in Canada.  Turns out there are. Including one in Edmonton. Where I go all the time.  Suddenly less exciting a restaurant. Though pancakes are still awesome.

Until the next entry!

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