Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 6, 2011

Baby, Let’s Cruise Away From Here: Journal Entry #7

Today’s towel animal: Some sort of sting ray or manta ray, we think.

Well, it was inevitable.  On a sea day when I don’t get sick, I get sunburned.  I thought I was really diligent about the sunscreen, but either it wasn’t strong enough, wasn’t applied enough, or I really missed spots.  It may have been a combination of both.  I’m drinking lots of water and thank God DW brought aloe, so hopefully I won’t be too much of a hurtin’ unit tomorrow.  Though I feel a little stupid for getting burned, DW reminded me that I’m not the first person to get sunburned.  I’m not even the first person to travel with her that got sunburned.

Formal Dress Number Two: Sparkly! With sparkly shoes to match!

Since today was a sea day, DW and I didn’t bother setting the alarm.  I woke up close to eight o’clock, and decided to take advantage of my last day using the thermal room, though DW declined to join me.  I had the room to myself, so I sat in the warm chair and read for about forty-five minutes, as well as took a dip in the hot tub, though not long as it was too hot.  After a leisurely breakfast, DW and I went to the showroom, where we got a debrief on how disembarkment would go, then a ton of the crew came out and sang us a farewell song.  It was pretty awesome.

Next we went outside by the pool to lie in the sun. It wasn’t too hot, because it was mostly overcast (which was probably another contributing factor in my lobstering).  At about four o’clock, I made my way inside to get ready for dinner.  Clearly, I should have come in a little earlier, but in my defense, other than patches on my knees, the redness didn’t show up until later on in the evening.

Dinner was extra special for the last night: the servers danced out our napkins and salad, there were songs, and there were extra special dishes like an “amuse bouche” to start.  I had oxtail soup as my soup course, and then baked brie in phyllo.  For my entree, I had a delicious cut of lamb with a mango salsa and butternut squash.  Dessert was baked Alaska, which I’d always wanted to try!  Yum!

We had a really good view of all the activity from our central table, and our company was very nice. We sat with Judy and Bruce from Houston, Texas.  I asked them how they met, and it was pretty neat.  Their mothers knew each other growing up, and there is even a picture of them playing “wedding” with Judy’s mom as bride with a tarp on her head and Bruce’s mom as the groom. Judy had actually roomed with Bruce’s sister in college (though she was apparently not a good roommate at all).  They were lovely, as has been most of the people we’ve met on the ship to date.

The Napkin Ballet

After dinner, we grabbed good seats in the showroom for a few activities.  First was a “name that tune” type game – only not quite. The band played the music and contestants from the audience had to buzz in and sing the lyrics.  First, three gentlemen played, and the guy from Canada won. Then, three ladies from Minnesota played, and I almost died laughing.  One woman (Vicky) kept buzzing in when she didn’t know the lyrics and she had the audience in stitches. Another woman (Peggy) knew the lyrics, but she was gun shy on buzzing in, so Vicky actually walked over and buzzed for her at one point.  Then the winners (Tim from Canada and Peggy) were dressed up as Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley and got a lovely trophy.  I kind of wish I’d been picked to play – I knew all but two of the songs from the ladies round, even though they really were not of my generation.

Next we stuck around for the Marriage Game – kind of like the Newlywed Game, only with volunteer couples from varying wedded states.  One set of newlyweds (four months), one couple for whom it was the 29th anniversary, and Milt and Jo, who’d been married for 73 years.  I thought I’d laughed hard when it was the singing game, but it had nothing, NOTHING on Milt and Jo.  When as where they had their first kiss, Jo answered the barn.  When Milt was brought out, he answered a newstand on Christmas Eve.  Upon being told what Jo said, he quipped they’d put hay in it later.  It just got funnier from there. In the end, extra points were awarded for every year of marriage, so Jo and Milt took home the prize, which is how it should be.

After that, we stayed for one more show – a cabaret with songs from Broadway.  The entertainment staff is extremely talented, and I am very glad I stayed even though I am getting to bed quite late, since I had to pack up and put my luggage out.  I made sure to pull out my cover up for tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to smear on plenty of aloe once more before bed.

Tomorrow’s adventure: Driving to Orlando!  Notable residents of cruises: Milt and Jo. Drink of the day.  Water.  Lots and lots of water.


Until the next entry!

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