Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | July 27, 2011

Baby, Let’s Cruise Away From Here: Journal Entry # 5

Today’s towel animal: A super adorable doggie!!!

I’m varying from my routine a little today, writing when I have one more activity I plan to attend, because DW and I tend to turn in early and if I journal afterward, it will be too late.  I hear the average age on this cruise line is about 60 – perhaps we really belong here given our “asleep by ten thirty” pattern.

Welcome to Mahogany Bay!

Our morning started out with an early breakfast as we pulled into Mahogany Bay on the island of Roatan, Honduras.  Once docked, we made our way to the beautiful port.  Between the walkway, the painted buildings, the greenery, and the hot sun, it was fairly breathtaking.  There were tons of tropical plants, including some gorgeous blossoms I wish I could have plucked and taken with me.

Our tour met quite early, at 8:20 in the morning.  We took a short bus ride (careening down the road where didn’t appear to be a speed limit and every time cars passed on both sides of the road it was like a game of chicken we didn’t want to lose) then an even shorter boat ride to get to our dolphin encounter.  It was absolutely incredible.  We split into small groups of about eight people to a dolphin and trainer.  Dante, our trainer, introduced us to our dolphin, Bill.  Dolphins, by nature, are kind of like reality stars – they  really, really love attention.  Well, Bill got tons.  We got to pet him, and hug him, and he even gave us a kiss on the cheek.  He did some very excellent tricks for us, like propelling himself backward in a standing position, leaping out of the water, making different noises, and swimming super quickly.  DW has also perfected her dolphin impression thanks to the experience*.  We then spent some time in the gift shop as well as a small marine and Mayan museum.

Our bus ride back was pretty interesting, and not just because of the two American gentlemen discussing the merits of their handguns behind DW and me.  We learned a bit about Honduras; while the areas we were in are fairly safe, particularly the port which is closed to those not affiliated with the cruise line, much of the country is not safe for outsiders, even those from different parts of the country same.  We are very lucky to live in a country like Canada, this much is certain.

The beach for cruise goers is lovely - and quiet!

Once our tour got back from the dolphin encounter, DW and I were pretty hungry, so we went back to the boat for lunch and to drop off our wet things.  Then we changed and set out for the beach.  We decided to forgo the cost of the magical flying chair and walk the 10 minute path to the beach, private to those of us cruising.  We dropped our stuff on a couple of deck chairs and then made our way to the ocean.  In the hot weather, the water felt incredible, if salty.  Even DW, who has swum in more oceans than I have, expressed surprised at just how salty it was.  I’ve showered and washed my hair and swear I can still feel a slight residue left on the surface.  After our dip, we lay in the sun for a while, letting our suits dry and catching some rays (though we were careful to apply sunscreen first, I promise!).  When we got hot and dry, we jumped back in the water and spent more time there, despite two different sets of floating people who nearly bumped into us.

Me and my new boyfriend, Bill.

We got out and dried off in the sun for a short while, then checked out the stores in the ports.  I decided against purchasing a diamond necklace; even if the deal had been good, I couldn’t justify spending the kind of money on it that could better be used toward another trip in the future.  I did manage to find souvenirs for my colleagues at work, as well as some Honduran coffee for my mom and dad. DW says it smells so good, she wants to sleep with it under her pillow.

After we’d checked out the shops (and found the bathroom once we’d rounded back to the beginning, where we’d started looking for it), we headed to the cantina style bar, where I decided I didn’t want to wait until Mexico for a margarita.  We sat and listened to  the DJ’s music and watched some couples around my parents’ age dance and have a blast.  I want to be them when I grow up!

Once “Who let the dogs out” started up on the speakers, we decided that was our cue to head back to the boat.  A fortunate thing, given we could see the crowd heading back when we were about three quarters of the way to the boat.  I left DW to the shower in our room while I used the rain shower in the thermal room again.  I’m extra glad we decided to go in that direction, because it’s certainly made things easier after a long day, when all you want is a bath and there are two of us vying for position.

We dressed up for dinner in our “smart casual” (the last formal evening is tomorrow – can’t wait to wear my sparkly dress!), and were seated with two elderly couples.  There wasn’t much conversation this time round, unfortunately; I think both had a hard time hearing.  The food was brilliant once again.  I had scallops in a cocktail glass, then broke my pattern of chilled soup and had a papaya and water chestnut salad instead.  I went with a steak for my dinner choice, since it had been a while since I had a good one.  I like mine medium rare, and that’s hard to do in the oven.  A few more months until I have my barbecue back and can grill my own. I finished with a bread and butter pudding.  It was like bread pudding with custard.  I love bread pudding.  I love custard.  So really, I couldn’t go wrong.

So many beautiful and delicious treats!

After dinner, since we were finally both out of there early enough, DW and I made our way to the show room where we saw tonight’s musical performance. It was a sort of Vegas revival – songs of the Stardust lounge.  Glitz and glitter.  Streisand and the Rat Pack.  There were even dancers.  It was fantastic.  We next made our way to the top deck to get some air and watch the stars, and to try to stay up.  As I mentioned at the start of this entry, I’ve broken my routine a bit.  We’re staying up until 10:30 tonight because there is a chocolate extravaganza, and we are not willing to miss out on that.  So, on that note, I’m going to wrap this up so I can make my way upstairs and sample some delicious Dutch chocolate.

Tomorrow’s adventure:  sailing and snorkeling in Costa Maya, Mexico. Notable resident of cruises: the porter who asked DW if I was her daughter (it still causes giggling fits, though I think his English is simply not strong and he probably meant to say sister, and he was pretty horrified when we told him). Drink of the day: Fresh Lemon Drop.

*And “The Dolphin Whisperer” name is born.

Until the next entry!

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