Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | July 22, 2011

Baby, Let’s Cruise Away From Here: Journal Entry # 3

Today’s towel animal: Octopus

So I got a little colour today on the ship.  Unfortunately, that colour happens to be green.      Of course, DW is turning a lovely bronze.  (I hate her.)

The sea was so unruly, our table mate couldn't get his footing for this formal photo of DW and me!

The ocean is much rougher today, and I found myself feeling nauseous for the majority of the day.  This was not helped by the fact that a) I decided against taking a Gravol before bed because I don’t like feeling groggy in the morning and b) I didn’t take the ginger Gravol in the morning because I initially felt well when I started my day in the thermal suite, and then forgot to take one after breakfast in a rush to get to a seminar where I could win a lovely pendant. Except I didn’t win, and being inside where I couldn’t see the horizon made me feel awful. All this meant for an uncomfortable day, since the Gravol is much more effective when it you take it prior to the symptoms.  I also ended up buying sea bands, an acupressure band that hopefully will also help.

I had planned to go to the gym  today, but instead ended up lying out on one of the decks for the majority of the day, where the shade, wind, and horizon helped get my queasiness under control (not to mention copious amounts of Gravol), then reading to keep it that way.  I didn’t even bother with lunch, just had water and breathed in the nice sea air.

I finally got to wear my pretty red gown!

Most of this was done in the pursuit of making it to formal night.  I finally, FINALLY got a chance to wear the red gown I bought in Scotland.  The one I’d never had an occasion to wear, unless you count the time I wore it in my living room while watching the Oscars and sipping champagne.  Dinner was once again spectacular.  I was pretty hungry, what with not having eaten lunch.  I chose a duck pate as an appetizer, followed by a chilled cranberry soup.  My entree course was quail stuffed with bread and apricot.  For dessert, a cappucino and tiramisu.  Our company was once again very interesting, through we were at a bigger table, which meant it was harder to hear some of our table mates.

DW next went to one of the shows (broadway music), but I knew I couldn’t stomach being in a place with no windows where I could see the movement my poor balance sensor things were flailing about tracking.  I walked around the deck a bit and stood in the wind in my long dress (which felt very epic).  While walking through the area with the pool, I got a real sense of just how rough the water is, with the water inside crashing and nearly lifting itself right out of it’s containment.

I am now back at my room for the night, as I plan to take a last dose of Gravol shortly and knock myself out for the rest of the night.  Tomorrow I’ll be ashore, and I will definitely remember to take my Gravol, so hopefully I’ll feel much, much better.  I am glad that one thing I did not forget to do, however, is return my ridiculous aromatherapy purchase.  I regretted the purchase terribly and even dreamed of trying to return it unsuccessfully, though the actual return went super smoothly and I feel much better for it.  I need to work on saying “no” and not being pressured to buy when I know better.  Fortunately, that’s one bad decision I don’t have to live with, and I can spend my money on far more interesting things.  Perhaps shoes!  Also, I just want to make a note about my ridiculous packing habits. They are totally warranted – I loaned DW one of my dresses tonight for the formal dinner (she even got complimented on it!), and perhaps she will avail herself of another selection down the road, since I have awesome taste!

I’m going to sign off with short entry, because I didn’t really do much today other than say to myself “Don’t be sick, don’t be siiiiiiick.” By 8 a.m. we anchor in Belize.  Tomorrow’s adventure: Raiders of the Lost Mayan World (cue Indiana Jones music!).  Notable resident of Belize: Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss (according to our pamphlet, a paraplegic sailor who was enchanted by Belize and its people, even though he died two months into his residence, leaving the “kind people” a lot of money). Tomorrow’s drink of the day: South Seas Aviation.


Until the next entry!

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