Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | July 12, 2011

The Big Easy Journals

 New Orleans – An Attempt At Journaling # 7

Well, my trip is coming to a close here in the Big Easy, and though I’m glad to be heading home, I will also miss it here.

Our last full day was lovely. No, seriously.  The sun chose our last day here to come out and boy, did it shine.  Both EV and I were feeling a bit lazy for it, so we spent the late morning and much of the afternoon reading by the pool in the courtyard.  As a result, I have a bit of a sun burn on my chest.  EV found this particularly funny.

None of my carriage pics turned out, so here's me by the Mississippi instead!

We did a bit of wandering, too, mostly so I could track down stamps and mail the last of my postcards.  Then we went to dinner at a restaurant we liked, and I had an awesome meal of blackened bayou duck, jambalaya, and veggies*. EV indulged with a large plate of oysters.  She was kind enough to offer me some, but I took a pass.  I’m really not all that fond of seafood, even slathered in cheese as it was. The service at this restaurant was also impeccable. Big improvement on the night before.  (It’s a place called Oceana just off of Bourbon, in case anyone ever wants to try it!)

We decided to come in for a really early night – and then changed our minds and went back out for one last event.  And got two.  While making our way to Jackson Square to catch a carriage tour around the quarter, we ended up sticking around there for a carol sing. About 3000 people were in the little park, with people dressed up in old fashioned dresses and candles.  So we sang a few carols with the crowd.  In fact, I can say I sang “Oh Holy Night”with the mayor of New Orleans.  Who was a pretty decent                                                                                                                 singer.

New Orleans, I heart you too...

After that, it was a half hour carriage tour around the French Quarter.  Our driver, Pierre, had such a thick N’Awlins accent, I think I only understood one word in three. Which was awesome in and of itself.  We saw some old buildings (included a few rumoured to be haunted), as well as some buildings with pop culture value, like places where Anne Rice wrote interview with the vampire and one of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s properties (though EV suggested they probably never even stayed there, and she may well be right).

All in all, a good end to my New Orleans trip.  I’m just going to finish up here, and then we have to check out at 10 so we have time to eat breakfast before the shuttle comes.  I definitely want to come back at some point, and see the things I didn’t get a chance to see this round.  It’s been a great trip, and you’ve been great readers.  I might just have to journal again on my next adventure.

In April, perhaps?**


*A warning to vegetarians and vegans – I found veggies dishes to be limiting in New Orleans, given most sides were potato based or the like.   If you are planning to visit, you might want to rent a place with access to a kitchen. Vegans especially.  If it isn’t made with meat, it’s probably made with cream.

**Or late March, as the case turned out… stay tuned!


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