Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | July 12, 2011

The Big Easy Journals

New Orleans – An Attempt at Journaling # 5

Okay, so I’m starting to get a bit petered out on this vacation thing.  New Orleans is so alive, so vibrant, and, in December, so rainy.  It’s the kind of day today where I’d really like to just sit in the sun with a book, but unfortunately, the sun is not cooperating with me.  And even if it was, there’s a wedding reception in the courtyard today, so I think I’d stand out a little if I showed up in shorts and sunglasses.

Yesterday was a pretty low key day, with a side of debauchery at night.  Don’t worry, Mom, not too much debauchery – just the Burlesque show at night.  EV and I split up for the day, so I did some walking around, peeked in some stores.  Listened to a few street musicians.  Went back to Cafe Du Monde and had some coffee and more beignets.  I really hope I can still button my jeans by the end of this holiday season.

For the early afternoon, I came back to the hotel to rest for my later night.  I appreciate the suggestion to nap, but I’m not a napper.  It tends to make me less alert, believe it or not – I am groggy for hours afterward.  Instead, I curled up in my blankets for a non-nap. EV and I hit an Irish pub type place for dinner.  I know, that doesn’t sound very New Orleans.  But it was one of those days where you really, really, REALLY want a hamburger for dinner.  And I did shake things up – the pub claimed to be the originator of the Hurricane, so I had one of those with my dinner. It was GIANT and incredibly sweet.  If you like sweet cocktails, you should definitely try one.  It came with not one but two maraschino cherries, so that was lovely too!

Spent the evening at the legendary House of Blues

After dinner, we came back to the hotel to get ready, then we went to the House of Blues for the Burlesque show, where I sat behind a giant of a man. A giant. Super tall.  So I didn’t have the most unobstructed view.  In reading the description of the show as well, I thought it would be more of a variety show – and there was comedy, a magic act, and music – but it was mostly semi-naked women.  Definitely an experience.  The music was good, though, and the performers were all talented, and I don’t regret going – but I probably wouldn’t race to get tickets when I next visit.

Today is pretty low key as well.  I don’t really feel like doing anything.  The weather is gloomy, I am tired of shopping, and I kind of feel like I’ve spent enough money for the day.  I think we are going to hit up Frenchman street again tonight.  I am more in the mood to listen to some chill music tonight, not the bustle of Bourbon Street.  I’m happy to push my boundaries a little – it’s good for me, I think – but I am still me, and my style is more a quiet glass of wine or a good book.  And coffee.  Which I think, given our “cold” weather, I might be fetching soon.  Cheers!

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