Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | July 11, 2011

The Big Easy Journals

New Orleans – An Attempt at Journaling # 4

Well, it is morning here in New Orleans, and yet I still have not managed to sleep in.  Which is extraordinarily lame, given it also means I’m not able to stay up late and get a bunch of nightlife.  That’s okay, though; EV and I have tickets for a show at the House of Blues tonight that starts at 10:30, so I’m staying up late whether I like it or not.

Yesterday was so awesome.  The swamp tour was amazing.  Our guide was knowledgable but also funny and entertaining.  And the bayou is just beautiful – and not at all buggy.  Bayous, as I have learned, are not like swamps, because they have current.  Current means little standing water.  Little standing water means little place for mosquitos to breed.  That’s right, Hollywood’s portrayal of the buggy bayous?  Not reflective of the reality at all.  The scenery was beautiful, and we even got to see two beautiful alligators.  They were so little and cute!  The big ones weren’t out.  They have shut down for the colder season, apparently; they bed down in the river in a dormant state.  I’d like to come back in a warmer month, I think, to see them.  Alligators, unlike crocodiles, are not aggressive.  People apparently swim with them.  Now, that’s not something I particularly want to do – with my luck, I’d break the historic trend and be mauled, and also I don’t like being seen in a swimsuit – but I’d love to see them close up.

From our swamp tour

It was a beautiful day out on the boat.  The sun would peek out from behind the clouds every now and again.  And I got lots of pictures on my new memory card, hooray!

By the time the tour was over and we were back in the city, it was about 3:30.  EV and I decided to take advantage of the weather and sit by the pool in the courtyard and read.  And drink yummy drinks. The bartender made me a Christmas drink of her own invention – a white chocolate peppermint cocktail – that packed one heck of a punch.  Mmm.  Since we hadn’t had the opportunity to lunch out on the bayou, Elizabeth and I then headed up and dressed up a little fancy for dinner at the hotel’s more premiere restaurant, le Meritage. You order little courses so you can try more than one thing.  I had venison, which I’d never tried before, and it was lovely, and a pork tenderloin course.  Very good.  I have no complaints about the food here.  Next, we moved over to the other restaurant for drinks and dessert and the music, a jazz pianist.  I used my drink vouchers that came with my booking, and just as we were thinking about leaving, some guy bought us another glass of wine, so we stuck around a little while longer to drink some.  We didn’t want to be rude.

Next we went to a little bar called Maison Bourbon or something like that, which is dedicated to the Preservation of Jazz.  That’s what it says.  It was awesome. They had a band playing that had the big bass, the drums, a pianist, a player of many saxophones, and a trumpet.  It was awesome and incredible and felt way authentic.  We listened to a set, then went to a bar called Sing Sing and listened to a funky blues band.  The lead vocalist had a voice as smooth as velvet.  When their set broke, I attempted to go push myself, but alas, it was eleven o’clock and I was bagged, so back to the hotel we trekked.  Well, part of the reason it’s hard to push myself is there are a lot of bars playing music I’m not interested in.  Like cover bands that play Journey and Bon Jovi.  I like Journey and Bon Jovi, but I didn’t come to New Orleans to sing Livin’ on a Prayer. We heard it at least 2 times last night, and someone even requested it from the velvet voiced singer (in fantastic pink boots!) who said she didn’t know it, and sang a verse.  (“No, I don’t know that song”, she smiled in all her awesome glory). Anyway, perhaps I should do a count in future journal entries.  How many times do I hear 80s rock in a night?  Let the tally begin!

No plans for today, just playin’ by ear until the show!  And now I should get off the computer in case someone else wants a turn!

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