Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | July 10, 2011

The Big Easy Journals

New Orleans – An Attempt at Journaling #2

 Wow, two entries in a row.  It may well be a miracle!

I am writing this tonight, because I don’t think I’ll get to this tomorrow morning.  In fact, I have an early night planned, because I have an early morning – how very un-New Orleans of me, I know!  EV and I will be doing a tour of two plantations tomorrow, and the pick up is at 8:30.  So a chill night tonight it is!

I’m pretty tired from today, anyway.  I am a creature of habit, and can’t seem to sleep in late.  So I got up this morning and had coffee.  The courtyard wasn’t warm enough to read in (no sun) but I did write a few postcards.  When EV was up and ready to go, we walked to the Mississippi, then headed to Cafe du Monde where we ate beignets and drank cafe au lait.  In case you didn’t know, beignets are basically fried sweet dough topped with a forklift full of powdered sugar.  They are delicious, and I don’t care if it will give me a heart attack ten years down the road, I’m doing that again.

Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde

We booked our tours for tomorrow and Thursday (plantation and then the swamp to see the ‘gators!), then made our way in a meandering stroll passed some great shops (which we will revisit!) until we got to the street car.  We took the street car and went to the zoo for the afternoon.  The streetcar takes you to Aubodon park, where you can take the shuttle to the zoo or walk the mile through the park.  It was lovely, so we walked.

At the zoo, we decided to grab lunch. Much of the cafe bits were closed – it is off season – so my veggie attempt ended up being French fries.  It was that or a hot dog.  Then I saw the animals and took far, far too many photos.  I’m going to have to delete half of them so I can take pics at the plantation tomorrow, since I won’t have time to pick up a new memory card until afterward.  I will definitely have to do that.  Maybe two memory cards! I will not, however, be deleting the pic of the duck eating out of my hand. That’s right.  A duck ate out of my hand.  I named him Kyle.  He probably has a better name, but I don’t car. A DUCK ate out of my HAND.

Kyle the Duck eats right out of your hand!

We wandered down Magazine Street for a while after the zoo, then finally took a cab back to the hotel since the sun was setting, a lot of the stores were closing, and our feet hurt.  We just had dinner at the hotel restaurant (our feet still hurt too much to wander far), and listened to a nice acoustic guitarist with a bluesy feel.  Another successful New Orleans adventure, I think. I love New Orleans.  I love vacation.

See you tomorrow!

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