Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | July 10, 2011

The Big Easy Journals – New Orleans, December 2010

(Note:  In roughly July 2010, I decided I wanted to do New Orleans in December.  I wasn’t sure how this was going to work.  Having lived most of my life in cities that barely be called that, leaving the country to be a tourist in huge metropolises still makes me nervous.  I am trying to get over this, but in 2010, I still wasn’t there.  Fortunately, EV – who is a couple of years younger than I am and whom I didn’t know that well – was game to go to New Orleans.  For a while, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work – I’d met her when she was dating my best friend’s younger brother, and between the break up and the time she took to book, I wasn’t sure she wasn’t going to end up bailing on me.  My worries were unfounded – EV is much more laid back about booking, but she comes through.  So in December, despite snowstorm delays and the usual airport craziness, our adventure began…)

New Orleans – An Attempt at Journalling #1

This is going to be a quick “journal” entry – I don’t want to hog the internet, nor do I want to waste my day cooped up by a computer while I could be enjoying the New Orleans sun.

EV and I finally made it to New Orleans at about 10:30 Sunday night, after several hours in the Edmonton airport, a reroute through Denver, and no time to grab dinner for the plane on a route with no service.  Thank goodness I packed a granola bar to tide me over!  Of course, while we made it to New Orleans, our baggage did not.  Am I EVER glad I packed my toiletries and a clean pair of underwear in my carry on.  Paranoia for the win!

We spent a rumbled morning and afternoon getting a feel for the shops.  It was pretty quiet in the day, even on Bourbon Street, which was kind of nice.  The buildings are beautiful, and I’m playing tourist quite a bit with the camera out.  I tried a New Orleans sampler for lunch, despite the fear of spice – and it was fabulous.  Apparently Cajun spices work for me.  Yum, yum!  I’m going to make an effort to have veggies for lunch, as things are pretty carb and meat heavy!  Maybe not a great effort. 🙂

In New Orleans, the buildings are gorgeous!

By the early evening, our bags had arrived (hooray!) so it was shower again and change into clothes that don’t smell like airplane.  We went to Frenchmen Street and struck out on live music for dinner, and I was pretty tired, so we decided to just go back ot the hotel… until walking back we passed a jazz quartet in a little bar.  So we went in, and it was perfect.  The singer had this great voice – I think you’d call it a whiskey voice – and it was fun.  I even swing danced with a young student during the band’s last set.  Then we stayed for the first set of the jam, before heading home for the night. I have two CDs out of it, and of course the memory of a kick ass experience.  Today, we’re hitting the zoo and the river after Cafe du Monde for a breakfast beignet!  Cheers, y’all!

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